Pyramids Sound And Light Events

Misr Company for Sound , Light and Cinema is a subsidiary of the business sector has been set up in the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1961 and this great company is unique by its location where the Eternal monuments

Here in sound and light we have made the Eternal monuments speak after they had kept their silence for ages, to tell the world in all languages about the greatness of ancient Egyptian and to reveal the secrets which whole the world has been eager to know it.
Due to this great project we have to satisfy this curiosity at our country's visitors, we did not stop at this point only, but we also present the major concerts on sound and light theater, like opera "Aida", "Trojan review", "international ballet reviews", and some concerts for the international singers.
We participated in the joy of graduation ceremonies for both the governmental and private Egyptian major universities and schools.

We invite you to share the joy with us on the Sound and light theater to set up your parties, in the morning or in the evening to enjoy the fragrance of history in the arms of the Pharaohs Eternal monuments.

Here our first branch at the background of the pyramids and the Sphinx, one of the Seven Wonders, and our company has also branches in the most famous and popular archaeological sites, which has received visitors from all countries, whether European or Arab in Luxor (Karnak), Aswan (Philae), Abu Simbel, Edfu and soon in Hurghada
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Fax: (+202)33844257 - (+202)33847911

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